R is an environment for statistical analyses and graphics that has several characteristics that make it attractive for fisheries science work.  Two good descriptions of these characteristics can be found at Inside-R and R-project.  Because of these advantages, the R environment is rapidly gaining popularity, both generally and within the fisheries science field.

I developed this website to provide examples of fisheries-related analyses performed in R.  It is my hope that these examples will inspire or motivate you to either use R or expand your knowledge of R.  I initially populated the web-site with examples from my Fisheries Science and Management class at Northland College.  However, it is my hope that others will contribute to fishR to provide wider illustrations of the ability of R for fisheries work.

General examples (e.g., Von Bertalanffy growth model) are in the Vignettes tab.  R versions of the (SAS) boxed examples in the Analysis and Interpretation of Freshwater Fisheries Data book are in the Books tab.  A brief description of fisheries-releated packages can be found in the Packages tab.  Finally, posts related to fishR are in the Posts tab.