Weisberg Growth Model

A fishR user asked me if I had Weisberg Linear Growth Model (LGM) vignette.  In the past, the Weisberg LGM referred to the fixed-effects models described in Weisberg (1993) and implemented in software that was written in XLISP-STAT and distributed through Minnesota Sea Grant.  [I do, actually, have a vignette that implements that technology in R but I do not distribute it because it is out-dated.]  More recently, however, Weisberg et al. (2010) described a mixed-effects model for fish growth.  I have not yet developed a vignette for these models but, fortunately, Dr. Weisberg uses those models as examples in his classes at the University of Minnesota.  Thus, available at his website, is a detailed example with corresponding R code.

At some point I would like to develop some helper functions for the FSA package to streamline some of the analysis in his example.  At that time, I will develop a more detailed vignette.  However, this is unlikely for the near future.

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