The FSA package was initially designed by Derek Ogle from Northland College as a tool for teaching fisheries stock assessment.  It has, however, evolved into a useful analytical tool used by many fisheries scientists (see citations).  Example analyses are found in these vignettes, which may use the data in the FSAdata companion package.


The most recent version of FSA can be installed from RForge.net or from  Github as described below.  See this NEWS file for the most recent changes.

  • Run the following code in R to install from RForge.net.
  • Run the following code in R to install from GitHub (requires R v3.0.2 or later and an installation of RTools).
if (!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')

If you have problems installing from Github because your outgoing connection is run through a proxy then see these directions.

Note About Using Macs

The FSA package uses TCL/TK for interactive plots.  Some Mac users have reported problems using TCL/TK.  Some users have reported success fising their issues with TCLTK by installing the tcltk universal build located here (direct link to the file). You may have to re-install FSA after installing the tcltk universal build.